Stop working hard on your social media. Make your social media work hard for you.

Know what content to share, and when and where to get the most engagement with your brand. 

Never waste another minute posting and hoping. Create a plan, follow the plan, enjoy the results.

You can be successful on social media!

Even if right now you're posting, sharing and tweeting without a clue or feel completely lost.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Spending hours on social media platforms with little results.
  • Unsure what content to post and what platform to use. 
  • Being all over the place without doing anything in a strategic way.
  • No follower growth or engagement on the posts you publish and put so much work into. 
  • Others seem to have nailed it and you are slowly losing your motivation.
  • Frustrated by all the information that is out there and not having enough time to read or do everything.

Did you say yes to any of the above? Good, because together we can change that.

Please take a moment and imagine that you could...

social media course

Grow your social media accounts AND get extra hours back in your day.

Attract not only more followers, but also the ones that stick around because they are your target audience.

Drive traffic to your website, generate leads and sales with your Social Media.

Have an expert at your side to ask a question when you feel stuck or need inspiration.

Finally I’ve put all the information I’ve created over the past years together in one course for you. 

What's inside:

  • 6 modules packed with masterclass video trainings.
  • Each module will teach the most effective tricks for the biggest social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Screen-share video tutorials to teach you exactly how to set up the techy stuff.
  • A course handout, which gives you an overview on each module.
social media course


With this course you get exclusive access to my Facebook group where I hang out, answer questions and give you inspiration.  

I know that during a course there are always questions that pop up and you might need an extra tip for your industry. With this course you are not alone, I am here to give you a hand.

What my clients say about this course

online course testimonial

Anne - Jewellery Designer 

This course is super clear, short, and made in a beautiful way. Everything you need to learn is there. My Instagram looks very nice now and the number of followers is growing every day. Moreover, Nadine is always available to answer questions, which is a value add to the quality of the whole program. Thank you, Nadine, for this course that I highly recommend.

social media course testimonial

Laura - Copywriter

Social Media Rockstar helped me identify which social media platforms would most benefit my business and showed me how to leverage those platforms in the most time and energy efficient way to increase traffic to my websites.